It’s a foodie one today folks!

Being absolute foodies both Stuart and I are happy to pay that little bit extra for organic produce, we also like to support local farmers/producers and any meat or fish we buy we tend to go to a local butchers/fishmonger stall!

And between you and I – a trip to the farmers market makes my heart happy! I love wandering around the stalls, hessian bag in hand!

Stuart if you are reading this and fancy taking me on a romantic date: grab yourself a hessian bag and find us a farmers market! 🤓

Now. Nitty gritty..

Are you fueling your body in a healthy manner? Ask yourself that honestly. I don’t expect people to be 100% good nutritious food ALL the time! We are human and we do slip up!

But personally I would rather something I know my body can take essential nourishment from as opposed to what I like to call “dead” food.

The exercise is the easy part! It’s the food that’s the hard part! The term you are what you eat is a true one!

I find personally if I eat poorly I feel like crap: bloated, sick, my skin tends to break out a bit!
I haven’t had a McDs for about 6 and a half years now and I PERSONALLY couldn’t think of anything worse!

Emphasis on personally because that’s just me!

This was today’s lunch,

I use Avocado Oil (just because avo is life 🥑)
Chicken from M&W. A locally owned butchers – thanks for feeding us today Shannon 🙊
Locally grown sweet potato 🍠
Organic Quinoa
Organic spinach & beetroot

Roasted sweet potato & chicken with a drizzle of avo oil & some herbs – washed spinach – cooked quinoa – plate up.

Easy as that, and it was delicious! Light but filling and I didn’t feel bloated or sluggish afterwards 💪🏻👌🏻

It’s just about little changes! If you need any help we are here – just ask! 🤤

Any food topics anyone would like is to address for next time?

Have a great evening folks!

Two chicken thighs season and covered in olive oil

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